Penny Stocks to Watch

penny stocks to watch

Last Updated: 01 August 2017

Overlooked and undervalued penny stocks can deliver some of the best growth opportunities in the stock market. That’s why Ultimate Penny Stock Alerts is committed to finding the very best penny stocks to watch.

In a time when the stock market is fueled by helicopter money and Fed intervention, it’s getting tougher for investors to find undervalued equities, especially when the markets are overvalued and the global economic outlook remains bleak. Ultimate Penny Stock Alerts takes the guess work out of finding the best penny stocks. Our team meticulously searches the markets daily to find the best trading opportunities for our members.

Penny stocks get a bad name, mainly because of their price or stories they’ve heard in the media.  Investors often (and incorrectly) think you need to avoid penny stocks at any cost. However nothing could be further from the truth.

Don’t get me wrong, penny stocks can be risky. By their very definition, they are penny stocks for a reason. Often the underlying business warrants a penny stock price tag. However there are many undiscovered penny stocks whose fundamentals do not reflect their share price.

And because penny stocks are priced so low, it doesn’t take much to deliver large gains. We’ve profiled company’s in the past that have delivered 1,000 to 10,000% gains in one day! Now that’s not the norm, but it does happen, so if you want on board and join us in the hunt for the next ten bagger, sign up free today.